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Australian Dance Teachers Association and Commonwealth Association of Dance Teachers Australia Jazz Dance Certificate Course / ATOD and CSTD Jazz Examination class

The Commonwealth Dance Teachers Association of Australia is a major international dance organisation. Founded in 1933, it has established an important dance examination system for Australia, and has greatly improved the level of dance in Australia. The Association is also an authoritative dance examination and assessment body, and its rigorous grading standards are widely recognized and respected in the international dance community.

Age: 3 years old or above

Duration of each lesson: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Course content: The course uses strong music beats to train students to dance in a rhythmic manner. Through jazz dance, children will be trained in physical coordination, muscle explosiveness, musical touch, cooperation, self-confidence and perseverance. Candidates who have completed all the examination courses will be escorted to sit for the Jazz Dance Certificate Examination held annually in Australia. The certificates obtained are globally recognized.