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Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Examination Class

The Royal Academy of Dance is the world’s most influential dance and ballet education and professional membership organisation. Founded in 1920 to set the standard for dance and ballet teaching in the UK, it now has over 13,000 accredited members in 83 countries around the world. The Emperor Ballet Program is currently the most accepted ballet training system in the world. Around 230,000 candidates around the world will sit for the exams organised by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) every year.

All duckling ballet instructors are certified as Royal Dance Teachers and provide a coherent and systematic training programme for children of all ages, their interests and personality traits. Ballet training brings seriousness, good posture and elegant temperament, so that your child will benefit for life.

Age: 3 years old or above

Class Duration: Each lesson lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour

Course content: The course teaches the Royal Ballet, teaching ballet techniques and terminology. The programme can improve children’s physical coordination, sense of rhythm, graceful posture and posture, self-confidence, cooperation and perseverance. Candidates who have completed all the examination courses will be escorted to sit for the certificate examination conducted by the Royal Academy of Dance every year. The knowledge certificates obtained are recognized worldwide.

Little Duck RAD Ballet 小鴨子舞蹈藝術學院英國皇家芭蕾舞考試課程