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Jazz Certification Program

(A.T.O.D Jazz or C.S.T.D Commonwealth Association of Dance Teachers)

兒童爵士舞證書課程 (Jazz Certificate Class for Children)
Course content: Candidates who wish to sit for the exam and complete all the exam courses will be escorted to sit for the Jazz Dance Certificate Examination held annually in Australia. The certificates obtained are internationally recognized. For details of the ATOD/CSTD examination, please click here.

Age: 5 years old and above

Duration of each lesson: 45 minutes

Kid Jazz 兒童爵士舞

More about modern dance

Modern dance is a form of dance full of creativity and freedom, which can help children develop their bodies, minds, and creativity. Learning modern dance requires students to master basic skills and postures, such as body balance, flexibility, and body movements.

Students need to learn how to move their bodies to the rhythm of the music and express their personality and emotions in dance. Students need to learn how to express themselves freely and maintain a good sense of rhythm and movement in dance.

Learning modern dance requires consistent practice and patience. Students need to take the time to practice each step and technique, and they repeat the exercises again and again until they become natural and fluid. Students also need to learn how to work with other dancers and maintain good communication and coordination in dance.

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