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Pre-school Dance Certification Program


To support the all-round development of young children, the basic skills of ballet and jazz dance will be taught. To enable children to establish a preliminary concept and understanding of different dance genres, so as to lay a good foundation for the future. Upon completion of the six-month course, children will receive a certificate of completion.

Candidates who wish to sit for the examination and complete all the examination courses will be escorted to sit for the certificate examination administered by the Royal Academy of Dance or the Australian Teachers Association every year. The knowledge certificates obtained are recognized worldwide.

Age: 2 – 5.5 years old

Duration of each lesson: 45 minutes

Clips of student performances

Other courses

Little Duck Dance and Arts Academy providing playgroup kid dance class including ballet jazz latin kpop

Dance Playgroup

Age: 1.5 – 2.5 years

兒童芭蕾舞證書課程 Ballet

Ballet Certification Program

Age: 5 years old or above

兒童爵士舞證書課程 (Jazz Certificate Class for Children)

Jazz Certification Program

Age: 5 years old or above

K-pop 韓風舞動課程

KPOP Dance Program

Age: 5 years old or above