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K-pop Dance Program

K-pop 韓風舞動課程

Age: 3 years old or above

Duration of each lesson: 45 minutes

KPOP stands for Korean pop music, which has become a craze in Hong Kong in recent years, and is also very popular with children. They were impressed with the music video dance steps. The rhythm of the music is light and easy to remember, and the dance steps are soft with the elements of hip hop, allowing children to learn hip hop dance through the familiar K-POP music, which greatly enhances children’s learning and fun, and makes it easier for them to master dance skills faster


More about KPOP

K-pop dance is a popular dance form that combines elements of modern dance, hip-hop and traditional Korean dance, and is loved by a wide audience for its dynamic and fun features.

Learning K-pop dance can help people express their individuality and expressive abilities. K-pop dance emphasizes the movements and expressions of the dancers, through which the dancers can convey their emotions and stories. Learning K-pop dance requires mastering fast rhythm and smooth movements, and being able to combine well with music.

K-pop dance also requires good body coordination and strong physical fitness. Learning K-pop dance requires frequent physical training and stretching to build muscle strength and flexibility. Dancers also need to master dance techniques such as turning, jumping, and choreographing complex sequences of dance moves.

Clips of student performances

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