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Latin Certification Program

Latin dance is a genre of dance in the international standard: it is a great help to improve the sense of rhythm, body shape, coordination and self-confidence.

Children will learn a variety of Latin dance steps such as samba, cha cha, rumba, and cowboy dancing. In addition, they will learn how to feel the rhythm and rhythm of dance in music, and master the correct dance posture and technique. Through this class, children can improve their confidence, coordination, and dancing skills, while also making new friends and having fun dancing.

During the course, professional dance teachers will teach according to the children’s age and ability, and provide appropriate guidance to help the children learn and progress.

Age: 4 years old or above

Duration of each lesson: 1 hour

More about Latin Dance

Originating from South America, Latin dance is a high-energy, rhythmic dance form that is perfect for children to learn. Learning Latin dance requires mastery of basic steps, techniques, and body postures, and students need to move their bodies to the rhythm of the music, maintaining a sense of rhythm and movement. Learning Latin requires consistent practice and patience, and students also need to learn to work with their dance partners and maintain good communication and coordination in the dance. Latin dance has many benefits for both physical and mental development in children, including improving physical coordination, balance, muscle strength, and flexibility, while also helping children develop self-confidence and expressiveness. Latin dance is a very interesting and rewarding form of dance that allows children to enjoy dancing while also bringing more opportunities and possibilities for their future studies and lives. If your child is interested in Latin dance, then let them take a suitable class and start their Latin dance journey!

Clips of student performances

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