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Playgroup Dance Class

Little Duck Dance and Arts Academy providing playgroup kid dance class including ballet jazz latin kpop

At the beginning of the lesson, parents may need to help the child complete the movements, but after a short period of time, the baby will develop a memory of the movements and learn some skills. Parents see their children dancing confidently, which is what we want to see the most.

Through the learning experience of this course, BB can use the foundation they have learned to easily transition to the Level 1 course of the International Book Class, and walk into the classroom with more confidence.

If your baby is able to attend classes on his or her own without the supervision of his or her parents, we recommend that your baby attend the Elementary Certificate in Pre-school and Early Childhood Ballet and Jazz Dance.

Age: 1.5 – 2.5 years old

Time: Saturday 11:30 – 12:15

Location: San Po Kong Campus

Benefits of Dance Playgroup:

Dance playgroups are a great form of dance for children to learn, and it helps children develop physical, mental, and social skills. This form of dance emphasizes interaction and play, allowing children to learn dance in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

In dance playgroups, children can learn basic dance techniques and postures such as footsteps, turns, stretches, and turns through play and play. Children can move to the rhythm of the music and practice their dance skills through games and interactions.

Dance playgroups can help children develop their body coordination and balance, while also building muscle strength and flexibility. These skills will not only help children perform better in dance, but they will also help them perform better in other sports and activities.

In addition, children can develop social skills and presentation skills in dance playgroups. This form of dance emphasizes interaction and cooperation, which can help children learn to work with others and express their individuality and emotions in dance.

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